First Meet Prep

Things To Bring

  • Sharpie Permanent Marker
  • Highlighter
  • Extra Towels
  • Blanket to spread out on the hard concrete
  • Foldable Chairs, if desired
  • Toys/Books/Games/Cards to pass the time

Things To Know

  • Buy a Heat Sheet (Cost is usually $5-$10).
  • Highlight your swimmer’s name and events
  • Make the following Grid:


  • Now, fill-in your swimmer’s information. Sample Below:

Write this grid on your swimmer’s arm or thigh with the Sharpie Permanent Marker. Keep one grid handy for yourself as well. This will help you keep track of the events so that your swimmer does not miss a race.

Locate the bullpen. The bullpen is a staging area for swimmers ages 10 and under where volunteers organize them by heat and lane numbers to help them get their events on time and in the right order! When your swimmer’s event is called to the bullpen, please make sure your swimmer gets there and that he/she is ready to swim with goggles and swim cap already on. Volunteers and coaches take care of the rest. There are usually several hundred children at these meets, so we really need your help getting them to the bullpen. Coaches couldn’t possibly get all the swimmers where they need to be. Coaches need to be at the starts and finishes.