Role of Parents

  • The most important thing you can do as the parent of a swimmer is to love and support your child, both in and out of the pool. This support is a key factor in fostering enjoyment as well as contributing to the child’s individual success in the pool
  • The parent should show support for the coach and abide by his or her decisions. Complaints should be addressed in private to the coach.
  • Parents are allowed to observe from designated areas. There should be no communication with swimmers. This can be distracting to swimmers or to the entire team as well as the coach.
  • During swim team practice, parents should not be on the deck. At swim meets, parents should not be behind starting block unless timing.
  • Volunteering at Swim Meets
  • A volunteer sheet will be provided for parents to select the meet(s) in which they are willing to serve.
  • The City of Atlanta Dolphins host four meets a year, two short courses (25 yards) and two long courses (50 meter).
  • When you volunteer, you will be assigned a position to work. The most pressing need at each meet is for timers.
  • As a registered member (child/children) of the City of Atlanta Dolphins Competitive Swim Program, I commit myself to the objectives, goals and philosophy of the program. I will conduct myself in a courteous, quietly and orderly manner at all time.