Registration Procedures

City of Atlanta Athlete Program Fee

  • The program registration fee must be paid to be a member of the City of Atlanta Dolphins Competitive Swim Program.
  • Each athlete must complete and submit a City of Atlanta Dolphins Swim Team Personal Data Form.
  • The program registration fee for City resident is $225.00 a year for each swimmer.
  • Non-City resident registration fee is $425.00 a year for each swimmer.

Please submit money order, Personal check, cashier check or credit card payable to City of Atlanta.

USA Registration Fee

  • This fee must be paid before a child can practice with the team and will enable your child to become a member of USA Swimming. It will also provide insurance coverage at all practices and meets, as well as transportation to and from practices and meets. This is a yearly fee ($70.00) and a USS registration form must be completed and returned to Head Coach Tommy Jackson. Registration applications are accepted throughout the year. Submit a money order payable to Georgia Swimming. Please do not mail any forms or check to Georgia Swimming in Atlanta.
  • The new registration period begins on September 1, 2014– December 31, 2015 (full year membership).
  • Proper registration of all athletes is extremely critical. Proper registration means legal name and correct birth date. These are the components that make up swimmers USA Swimming ID number. All information about a swimmer is tied to that swimmer’s USA Swimming ID number (USAS ID). His or her times, transfers, OVC, National team, insurance, and several other areas of the SWIMS system are linked together by the USAS ID.
  • Registration applications are accepted throughout the year. Swimmers must be registered with Georgia Swimming two weeks before participating in a sanction swim meet.

Download the City of Atlanta Swim Team registration form.