Our Philosophy

The City of Atlanta Dolphins Swim Team philosophy strives to place emphasis on positive character development, self-discipline, consistent work ethic and courage. These are vital components for achieving success in swimming and in life. The coaching staff of the City of Atlanta Dolphins Swim Team is charged with maintaining a commitment to this philosophy. While providing quality instruction, we must be aware of each opportunity that will help instill in our youth the positive character building traits beneficial in developing not only into competitive swimmers, but into productive individuals in society.

It is our responsibility to educate and reinforce our youth on healthful behaviors in their daily lives. We must teach our youth about life skills and help them to understand that these are skills learned and practiced over a lifetime. Addition ally, we must educate our youth on the differences between healthful behaviors and risk behaviors, which will ultimately help our youth to maintain and improve their health, prevent diseases and reduce risk behaviors.

Finally, it is necessary that we apply this philosophy throughout the organization as we continue to provide service to our program and the surrounding communities. By dedicating our actions to these core fundamental values, we will ensure that our youth understands that hard work, perseverance and courage are the backbone for success in any endeavor of life.