Meet Entry & Fees

The meet information will be posted at Adamsville pool and team website once the host team has posted the information on their website.

The swim meet sign-up form will be posted at the pool and team website.
Parents may enter their child/children into a swim meet by signing the meet entry form. You are responsible for knowing dates and time for warm-up once you receive your events. The meet information will give list warm-up time and the order of events.

The entries fee must be paid by the date indicated on your event form. Entries will not be submitted without the applicable fee to the host team. Once the team entries are submitted to the meet host there will be no additional entries.

The Head coach and coaching staff will make the final decision concerning which swim meet and events swimmers can attend.

All late entry fees must be paid at the time of the entry. Late entry must be approved and submitted by a CAD coach at the meet.